Monday, February 6, 2012

Space - the final frontier

Gerard K. O'Neill (born February 6, 1927) was the American physicist who invented the colliding-beam storage ring which increased the energy output of particle accelerators by utilizing beams of particles moving through a ring-shaped chamber in opposite directions.  Never heard of it?  You’re probably not alone.

A believer in space colonization, O’Neill later went on to develop the O’Neill cylinder or
the Island Three Habitat.  Two cylinders, each 5 miles in diameter which rotate to produce artificial gravity, contain agricultural spaces and solar panels and are designed to support life in space indefinitely.   Never heard of it?  You will, soon.

The Historical Inebriant:  Space Cocktails
(try all four - you've got time)

Space Cocktails
Discover 4 Ways to get Drunk in Space

This is what we will listen to on O'Neill's cylinder:

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