Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The woods are lovely, dark and deep…

On this day in 1923, Robert Frost's poem "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" was published in The New Republic.

If you’re like me, “Stopping By Woods” was one of the many required poems taught in school. I don’t know if it’s the cadence of the stanzas, the way the poem seems to freeze time, or that I used to recite it at Winter kegger parties when I was a kid to impress people (which, by the way, never worked) but I’ve always had a soft spot for this one.

I didn’t have many expectations when I started searching for a suitable drink, but was shocked when Robert Frost’s name came up. If you have time, follow the link, the drink looks very interesting and there is a good story behind it.

       The Historical Inebriant: The Robert Frost


    3/4 oz Bourbon
    3/4 oz Dry Sherry (such as Amontillado)
    3/4 oz White Port
    1/4 oz Simple Syrup
    1 dash Orange Bitters
Combine the ingredients and shake gently with ice.  Strain into a chilled, wide-rimmed cocktail glass.  Garnish with thinly sliced orange and lemon wheels.

For the complete text of the poem:


Poems While You Wait

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