Thursday, April 19, 2012

A quick shout out to g/r/a/n/d

Last Saturday night I met friends at g/r/a/n/d, which I admit, I had not been to in a while.  When our group  sat down and the "What shall we drink?" discussions started,  I decided to ask if they could mix one of the drinks from the blog that I had been unable to get anywhere else.  With no hesitation the bartender said "Let me take a look at the ingredients" so I handed him my phone.

The staff was unbelievably patient, considering it was Saturday, and very soon Carlos presented me with one excellent Brandy Milk Punch (4/9/12 post).  It's a great starter drink (milk coats your stomach) if you plan on going all out later in the evening!

We wound up staying and having a late dinner (they serve till 10pm) of Hamburgers and Grilled Chicken dinners that were perfect.  I didn't get the name of the DJ but everyone loved the music and were just getting into the groove when we had to leave.

Thank you g/r/a/n/d, thank you Carlos!

Brandy Milk Punch

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