Friday, July 13, 2012

Blame it on Matisyahu, or Connecticut Cigar Company, or The Mad Things post today


Ok, that was this morning.


Some blood flow has returned to my brain (though this is the worst I've felt since the May 4th post "Rum, drunk on Rum, or, Why was there no post this morning") and as some of the occurrences of last night are returning to me, I thought I might as well put them on paper.

I blame it on Matisyahu, even though I like him. I enjoy an artists that writes songs about things other than body parts and/or various movements of body parts. I enjoy songs about the spirit of humanity. He put on a great show last night (even if the sound had a little too much bass for my taste, it was still enjoyable). But the drinking started way before that...

I blame The Connecticut Cigar Lounge, where I am currently writing this. Happy Birthday Peter! It was a great party last night that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Thank Jonas for the Margaritas and Paulina for...well, just being Paulina! But the drinking started way before that...

The Action Outside

Inside - Everything is better with bellydancers

The Action Inside

Keith and Paulina

I blame it on The Mad Things and how they seem to get better each and every time I see them.  Last night's performance was excellent and they played many songs I had never heard them do before.  Great Pink Floyd covers.  I think Joey was inspired by having seen Roger Waters over the weekend. But the drinking had started way before that...

There is a reason the blog is titled The Historical Inebriant.

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