Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I don't know, I don't know... I don't know where I'm a gonna go - When the volcano blow...

On this day in 1995, The Soufrière Hills volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, erupts.

A British overseas territory located in the West Indies, Montserrat is only 10 miles long. The small, lush tropical island became a haven for musicians in 1979 when Beatle's manager George Martin opened a recording studio on the island so artists could record their music in seculed and peaceful surroundings. The island also became a popular tourist destination.

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo, struck Montserrat and damaged over 90 percent of the structures on the island, but by 1995 much of the island had been rebuilt.

However, on July 18th 1995 The Soufrière Hills volcano, which had lay dormant for centuries, would erupt sending lava and mud flows out and down the side of the volcano heading towards the capital of Plymouth. Over the course of the next few weeks the capital would be buried under almost 40 feet of lava and debris, the airport and seaport destroyed and most of the islands houses lost to the lava flow. Most of the islands inhabitants were evacuated and today only about 5,000 people still live on the island but in an area far away from the volcano which remains active.

In May of 1979, Jimmy Buffett recorded the album Volcano at Martin's AIR Studios in Montserrat.

Now I don't know
I don't know
I don't know where I'm a gonna go
When the volcano blow

Well let me hear ya now
I don't know
I don't know
I don't know where I'm a gonna go
When the volcano blow

Ground she's movin' under me
Got ya tidal waves out on the sea
Sulphur smoke up in the sky
Pretty soon we learn to fly  

                           Not the best sound quality, but cool to see Buffett back in '79

The Historical Inebriant:  The Volcano


3/4 oz. Blue Curacao
3/4 oz. Raspberry Liqueur
1 twist of peel Oranges

Pour liqueurs into a champagne flute. Fill with ice-cold champagne.
Twist an orange peel over the rim of the flute.

For detailed information on the current state of The Soufrière Hills Volcano:

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