Monday, August 13, 2012

Bayerische Motoren Werke, Left Handers Day, The Lufthansa drinking game and the Southpaw Cocktail


On this day in 1918, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) became a public company in Germany. Rapp Motorenwerke, an aircraft engine manufacturer during WWI, was required to cease engine production as one of the terms of the Versailles Armistice Treaty. It would emerge in 1918 as a motorcycle maker and in 1928 would begin the production of automobiles.

The distinctive blue and white BMW logo combines the blue and white colors of the flag of Bavaria, and, as the story goes it pays homage to Rapp Motorenwerke by portraying the movement of a white aircraft propeller cutting through a blue sky.


Today is International Lefthanders Day

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Today is the day when we recognize those who come at things from a slightly different angle, the Leftys, the Southpaws, the Ciotógach. Let’s increase our awareness of those who need a different tool than rightys to do just about anything (except the standard drinking glass). To promote a constructive dialog understanding I suggest a drinking game...a (possibly) left handed drinking game.

This is a real drinking game called “Buffalo”. Why anyone would call a left handed drinking game Buffalo is beyond me, which is why I changed the name to “Lufthansa”. At least that sounds like “left-handed” in another language. The rules are fairly simple and involve which hand you may use to drink.

You can hold your drink with either hand, but may only drink from it with your non-dominant hand. If any other Lufthansa players spot you drinking with your dominant hand, they call “Lufthansa!” on you and you must finish your drink as quickly as possible. If you hesitate to finish your drink, the other players join in chanting “Lufthansa, Lufthansa!" and banging on the table until you finish.

If you call Lufthansa on somebody when they are actually drinking with their proper hand or not drinking an alcoholic drink, they may return with a call of "False Lufthansa” (Fansche Lufthansa!) and you are obligated to finish your own drink. If the caller does not currently possess a drink, the False caller must drink the nearest alcoholic drink available. Special care must be made when drinking with left-handed players because of this rule.

Sounds simple enough, right? Talk to me after you drink your fourth Cosmo (gasp) with the sound of “Lufthansa, Lufthansa" ringing in your ears!

The Historical Inebriant: The Southpaw Cocktail


2 oz Bacardi® Big Apple rum
1 oz bourbon whiskey
1 oz Smirnoff® watermelon vodka
1/3 tsp lemon juice
1/3 tsp lime juice
2 tsp sugar
6 oz orange juice

Pour apple rum, bourbon, and watermelon vodka into a shaker with a handful of ice, add lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, and sugar. Shake thoroughly, then strain into a frosted collins glass.


Happy Birthday Dan

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