Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Edsel and The Golden Dragon Massacre

On this day in 1957, Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel automobile. By November 19, 1959 Ford would announce the end of the Edsel program after losing $350 million dollars in the venture.


The over hyped vehicle (Whose launch date was dubbed "E Day") was advertised as an entirely new kind of car, however, when released it was obvious that the car shared much of its styling with its sister cars the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury. With a strange name, conventional styling and a list of reliability problems, the name Edsel was soon synonymous with a very bad marketing idea.


On this day in 1977, The Golden Dragon Massacre took place in San Francisco, California. Earlier that year Joe Boy Felix Huey was killed in a shootout with Wah Ching gang members. On September 4th, 1977 members of the Joe Boy gang would walk into the Golden Dragon restaurant and begin shooting. In the end, five were dead - including two tourists and 11 injured, none of whom were gang members.


Public outrage over the incident led to the establishment of the San Francisco Police Department's Asian Gang Task Force.

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