Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can the cloud really go dark???

If some reports are true, the internet will go dark today.
A Wiki blackout is predicted, and the storm brews for
a number of other sites.

I know how to prepare for a number of natural disasters;
(most of which I learned on the internet) how much food
or water to have on hand, how many batteries, how much
cash and gas, where to meet up with friends on higher ground.

I know nothing of how to prepare for a life without
the internet. I do not know if I have any stamps and I
haven't seen my checkbook since Clinton was in office.
Can I get my Pandora to play on one of those wind-up
disaster radios? No Netflicks?...are there still Blockbusters
around? Does anyone know if there is a version of 
"Words with Friends" that doesn't need 4G?

What will we do if the internet goes down?
I have a starts with a glass and maybe
some ice.

The Historical Inebriant: A Dark & Stormy

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