Monday, January 16, 2012

Prohibition begins

Anti-Saloon League paper, The American Issue, with headline, "U.S. Is Voted Dry"

On this day in 1920 the United States would begin what would be known as The Great Experiment, Prohibition. Beginning on this day it was illegal to manufacture, import, transport or sell or alcoholic beverages.  The end of alcohol had come by a vote in congress and with 36 states ratification of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.  It would be almost 14 years before the sale of drink was again legal in the US.  That is a long time between refills my friends! 

What can I say? It's over, we made it, so let's drink to those poor souls who missed out in the 20's
and remember their sacrifice! Let's also do a shot for those ingenious enough to have survived without missing a drop!

For more information on Prohibition visit here:

The Historical Inebriant:  Any American draft beer

“I am sure the Americans can fix nothing without a drink. If you meet, you drink; if you part, you drink; if you make acquaintance, you drink; if you close a bargain, you drink; they quarrel in their drink, and they make it up with a drink. They drink because it is hot; they drink because it is cold. If successful in election, they drink and rejoice; if not, they drink and swear; they begin to drink early in the morning, they leave off late at night; they commence it early in life, and they continue it, until they soon drop into the grave."
-Captain Frederick Marryat, British Royal Navy on the apparent drinking habits of Americans

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