Monday, February 13, 2012

I heard it on the radio

Today is the very first annual World Radio Day sponsored by UNESCO.  In the U.S., we are very fortunate to be well wired.  My news comes from cable or I get it on my phone.  Same with the weather.  My music comes to me by satellite in the car, or by Pandora Internet at home or phone.  As for as radio is concerned, I have my choice of talk radio, sports radio, news radio, weather radio, etc.. Many other of the world’s countries are not so fortunate.

Even in 2012, there are as many as one billion people worldwide who do not have access to radio of any kind.  For many more radio is the sole source of news and disaster warnings, the main source of political information, and for many their only public voice to be heard both inside their own countries and by the rest of the world.
"In a world changing quickly, we must make the most of radio's ability to connect people and societies, to share knowledge and information and to strengthen understanding," said UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova in her message marking the Day.

"Radio is the mass medium that reaches the widest audience, especially the most marginalized parts of our societies," said Bokova. "Free, independent and pluralistic radio is essential for healthy societies, it is vital for advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms."

On this day in 1970, Black Sabbath released their historic first album, and music (and concerts) would never be the same. I heard it of course, on the radio.

The Historical Inebriant:  Black Sabbath

2 oz Bourbon Whiskey
2 oz dark Rum
2 oz Jagermeister

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