Thursday, February 2, 2012

Long live the Queen

It’s not always easy deciding what to write about on a given day.  For example, Wiki lists the following events for today, February 2nd.  

506 – Alaric II, eighth king of the Visigoths promulgates The Breviary of Alaric (Breviarium Alaricianum orLex Romana Visigothorum) a collection of Roman law.  (This could have made for fascinating reading/drinking if I came up with a drink that goes with promulgation.)

1922 – Ulysses by James Joyce is published.  (Fascinating for me and six other people on the planet)

2009 – The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe devalues the Zimbabwean dollar for the third and final time, making Z$1 trillion now only Z$1 of the new currency - this is equivalent to Z$10 septillion before the first devaluation.  (Okay, I’ve worked in finance for many years, and I wouldn’t even attempt to do the math here.  All I know is that it’s bad, very bad.)

In the end, I decided to write about a topic very near and dear to me, the death of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria was laid to rest on this day in 1901.   She became the Queen of England in 1837, on her 18th birthday, and ruled for over 63 years - the longest reign of any female monarch in history.

At age 81, Victoria had ruled over the largest empire in the world, survived seven assassination attempts, saw the birth of 42 royal grandchildren and had her life immortalized as “The Victorian Era”.

Her portrait also graces the label of the Bombay Gin bottle, IMHO no tribute is greater.

The Historical Inebriant:  Bombay Gin Dry Martini

I'm drinking heartbreak motor oil and Bombay gin
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Straight from the bottle, twisted again
I'll sleep when I'm dead

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