Monday, July 2, 2012

The Final Countdown, World UFO Day, and The UFO Cocktail

If this were a common year (not a leap year) today would be the midpoint with 182 days past and 182 days remaining.  If it were a common year we would, in theory, be taking stock of the achievements of the first half (hopefully with slight inner celebration) and making plans to complete the balance of the year on target or slightly ahead of schedule.  I mean, if 2012 was, in fact, a common year.

This of course, is not a common year. Aside from the obvious fact that it is a leap year, it is also the year the Mayans predicted the Earth would would end on December 21st. I don't know much about the Mayans, (except for the fact they invented Television) but apparently, their calander has been spot on for centuries, until now.

Bearing that in mind, this year's midpoint was over a week ago. It occurred while you were asking your boss for Thursday and Friday of this week off, or while you were picking up tablecloths with flags on them, or even more foretelling - shopping for fireworks. It happened during the worst heat wave in recent history...and you didn't even notice.

Ok, ok, relax. I'm just screwing with you. But this is real...


Today is World UFO day...

and just where did you think that fancy Mayan clock came from?

The Historical Inebriant:  The UFO


1/3 Glass Bols Genever
2/3 Glass Bitter Lemon Soda
You pour the Genever in a glass fill it up with bitter lemon add some ice cubes.
(you've got to love some of these drink recipes, but there is not too much out there, I checked!)

As a backup drink, please see our 4/17 post and view the Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot.
You can also read about How not to Handle Alien Remains.

How not to handle alien remains.


It's Coming....

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