Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drinking Soundtrack of the Week

I try not to get in people's business.  Partly because I don't like people getting into my business and partly because I believe people will do what they want, no matter what advice you give them.  It's one of those difficult lines in a friendship that both parties have to respect (until one of them does something so stupid that all that shit flies out the window!)

Relationships are hard.  Even the best ones require nurturing, honest communication and a true appreciation of the other person to grow.  And then there are the other kinds, which seem to foster the exact opposite, and when one of your friends is in an unhealthy relationship, it can sometimes take all of your will not to pick up that cue stick - go up the side of their head and just scream "It's over - Move On!".

How did I become so wise on this subject you ask.  Six years ago, I was standing in that exact spot - I never even saw the pool cue coming.  Sometimes it just takes what it takes.


Two videos this week about the timeless subjects of drinking and relationships.  They say the first step to conquering an addiction is to admit to it and David Ball admits to having a "Thinkin' Problem" and being somewhat powerless to overcome it.  John Michael Montgomery shows what can happen when the addiction takes over... you just become "Beer and Bones".

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