Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paging Dr. Erxleben, World Kindness Day, and the Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail

On this day in 1715, Dorothea Erxleben was born in Quedlinburg, Germany.  Erxleben, a bright young woman, would need to petition Frederick the Great himself, battle sexism for most of her life, and debate officials for over a year to take her final exams to eventually receive her medical degree from the University of Halle in 1754, becoming Germany's first female medical doctor.

I found the transcript (with audio) of a radio program I used to listen to by John H. Lienhard called Engines of Our Ingenuity that featured Erxleben's story.  It's a very short - but very interesting read, so please take the time to visit it here.


Today is World Kindness Day. Introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, it is observed in Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, the UK, the UAE, Italy and India.

Per the Kindness.com.au website:

"World Kindness Day is the beginning of a global reaction to the exploitation of our human and natural resources. It could be said that the slogan for World Kindness Day might well be "Healing the World!" – and in doing so, there is the possibility of creating something so intrinsically good and wholesome, that the beneficial effects could be virtually endless."

Yeah, whatever. All I know is that if one more person cuts in front of me in this Dandy Donuts line, I will END them where they stand! That said, for a total hoot, (if you have absolutely No Life and still have delusions about making things better on this god forsaken planet) - check this out: 

And btfw, if you find some great idea on that site about helping humanity, Do Not Call Me.  I'll be in the park drinking Jäger out of a paper bag, listening to melodic death metal on my headphones and flicking lit cigarettes at squirrels.

The Historical Inebriant: Kill 'em with Kindness Cocktail


1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Irish Cream (Bailey's)
1 oz. Frangelico
1 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. Schnapps, butterscotch
1 spiral Syrup, caramel
1/4 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 splash Whipped cream

Make a spiral with the caramel around the inside of an Old Fashioned glass. In a shaker with ice, combine the Amaretto, Bailey's, Frangelico, Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps and vanilla extract. Strain into previously prepared glass and top with whipped cream.


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