Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Prodigal Son foretells the Impending Zombie Apocolypse, and YOLO is my mantra

When I was growing up in New York State, (where the bars are open till 4am) I remember returning home from a late night at sometimes 5 or 6am and my father, standing in the doorway, would always greet me with the phrase "Well, the Prodigal Son has finally returned home!"

For so many years, I never really understood what he meant, but in writing this post (my first since December 9th) I may have a sense of what that son felt returning home.  I apologize for my wandering from this blog, and I now return home to repent my wasteful ways (prodigal means wasteful I found out today) and pray that my sins have been forgiven - if only until I wander away again.

File:Pompeo Batoni 003.jpg
The Return of the Prodigal Son (1773) by Pompeo Batoni

To catch up a bit, apparently the world did not end in December of last year.  Much hype was again for naught.  I must say it's always a bittersweet moment for me when the world doesn't end.  It's not that I believe any of the doomsday notions to begin with, but they serve as such good background for jokes...and of course drinking parties.  YOLO becomes a toast for a round of shots because of course you only live once and the world ends tomorrow!  Of course, at 10 minutes to midnight on the 20th, I admit I did have that fleeting thought of "What if the crazies are right and tomorrow is the last day...I am so totally screwed!"

So I don't believe we should have a year where the destruction of our planet is not on anyone's calendar, and although I have not researched it thoroughly, I'm not aware of one for 2013.  But I did hear about a comet that will pass very close to earth at the end of this year.  While it will not strike us, it may make for quite a viewing event on or about November 28th.

David Lillo / AFP - Getty ImagesComet McNaught shines above Chile in 2007.

The online images of previous comets reminds me of a campy movie that I saw once called Night of the Comet.  In it, a comet passes very close to us and when the Earth passes through the gases of the comet's tail, the vapors turn almost everyone on the planet into...what else, Zombies.

You can read the IMDb review here, but if you have a chance to see it please do.  November 28th is a Thursday so it's a good night to stay at home, bolt the doors, mix up some beverages and watch a good flick, cause remember - you only live once, and tomorrow you just may be a Zombie.


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For more on Comet ISON (or as I like to call it, the Death Star) See Here.

If you want to get a sense of the movie on the small screen before you Netflix it, there are some uploads on YouTube.

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