Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drinking Poems, Vodka Manhattans, and You can't wear stripes with that.

Tomorrow is the last day of April and as such, Poetry Awareness Month.  So I thought it would be great to dive into some poems close to the subject matter of this blog - Drinking.  On this subject I turn to Curtis Fox of the Poetry Foundation for guidance.

Curtis put together a program on "Drinking in Poetry" and invited guests Jeff Gordinier (staff writer for the NYT Dining Section) and Rosie Schaap (Drinks columnist for the NYT Magazine and author of the upcoming novel "Drinking with Men") to join him for drinks at Temple Bar in lower Manhattan.   Their discussion of some of their favorite drinking poems is lighthearted, insightful and follows here:

In the discussion, the wonderful poem Grappa in September by Cesare Pavese is mentioned but not read, you can find the text of it here.

Jeff Gordinier's reading of Ciaran Carson's Hippocrene is definitely worth listening to - you will never look at a Bloody Mary the same again.

If you love wine, When Dean Young Talks about Wine, is a must read.  It is also where the "You can't wear stripes with that" reference comes from.

Since many of the poets featured were from NYC, (O'Hara and Kenneth Koch) and since Jeff Gordinier and I are currently on Manhattan kicks I'm throwing this one in that I saw recently from Kettle One but have yet to try out.  Why, because I'm afraid, very afraid.

The Historical Inebriant:  

Please visit the Poetry Foundation's site.  It's a great site if you love poetry -
It's a Fantastic site if  you don't!

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