Friday, May 4, 2012

Rum, drunk on Rum, or, Why was there no post this morning?

This Post was originally titled "Rum, drunk on Rum.  Check back tomorrow for pass."
That should have read check back tomorrow for "pics" but such was my state of mind this morning.

When I revisited the blog tonight, I realized I liked the title and decided to keep it.  Although its been a long time in between hangovers, it's like riding a bike, you never truly forget.  Having somewhat recovered, and since I can photographically recap some of the nights events, I thought a pictorial of the evening might be interesting.

Last night starts out very innocently at Rizzuto's, meeting friends (including my old friend Dennis who used to bartend at Telluride and now does the same at Rizzuto's) and sampling the very tasty Greenwich Gimlet with Thatcher's liqueur and Grey Goose that they serve there.

At 7:30 the party moves to the Connecticut Cigar Company, my local cigar lounge, and a tasting of Don Q Rum plus a white whiskey called "Death's Door".  If this were a horror movie there would be some pretty ominous music playing right about now!

The Don Q Gran Añejo was so amazingly smooth I was mostly was drinking it neat.  I did return to our presenter numerous times to obtain another sample to "better fathom the depths of the complex flavours". I believe I still had some depth to go before they ran out!

Later on, as one bottle after another of the rums were killed, we began the tasting of the White Whiskey, you remember the name of it right?  Death's Door, like the Grim Reaper, is a very sneaky character and in this movie it's one you don't want to turn your back on!  By the way the story behind the name Death's Door's is interesting and refers to the geographic area (and its inherit perils) where the whiskey is made.

It was then onto The Fez where they have live music every night.  Sorry but no pics, it was too late in the evening but here is one from a few nights earlier.

I did, for the sake of consistency (although the damage had already been done) stayed with the white whiskey and Fez has a great one.  However, this is why there was no blog this morning!

Have a great and safe Cinco de Mayo (be sure to check out my post on Spanish lessons if you have not) the life you save may be your own!

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