Monday, April 30, 2012

Have a Wonderful Walpurgis Night

An early Walpurgis Night shout out to all of our European Friends!

Walpurgis Night is traditionally celebrated on April 30 in northern Europe and Scandinavia. It is a night of singing, dancing, drinking and pranks. Originally a pagan spring fertility event it was merged with the Canonization of St. Walburga, the English-born nun who lived at Heidenheim monastery in Germany.  Coincidentally, the observance of Walpurgis is six months prior to All Hallows Eve.  It sounds like a great holiday if you want to do some research on it.

In Finland, the traditional drink of Walpurgis is Sima, a type of fermented lemonade. Not sold in the U.S. if you would like to take a crack at making your own for next year, view a recipe here:

The Historical Inebriant:  Sima

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