Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012 - Reduce the Use...or...Just how big are your feet?

Earth Day 2012
Reduce the Use!

Funny how we all know how much we weigh but ask someone what they think their ecological footprint is and they look at you as if you have four heads!

So many of our seemingly innocuous everyday choices have a strong effect our planet. Questions like "How will I get to work today?" or "What should I eat for dinner tonight?" or even "What new clothes should I buy for Summer?" have a direct impact on how sustainable our planet will be in the short term.

If knowledge is power, then becoming aware is a starting point for power. Take a moment to view one of the many sites that measure your footprint and find out just how much of Earth you are responsible for. I like this site since it's simple, but covers quite a few areas and gives some suggestions that might be overlooked.

In 2003, Pearl Jam purchased a 1,400 square-mile area of rainforest in Madagascar to preserve it and to offset the estimated 5,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions they would emit on their tour of North America.

More on this to come tomorrow...

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