Sunday, April 22, 2012

THI turns Three

Three months ago The Historical Inebriant was conceived while on vacation in Jupiter, Fl.
What started out as a miscommunication  (more on that at the one year anniversary)
has proven to be a great adventure and a wonderful learning experience.

I remember the faces of some of my friends as I tried to describe first, what a blog is...and the idea behind it.  "I'll take a random historical event, write about it, and in some convoluted way, tie it to a drink! A historical reason to inebriate Monday through Friday with a drink you may not have heard of, but might want to try... genius right?"  Ah, had I a camera with me for those moments.

The other slight hindrance was my being on the wagon from January to April (something I do every year).  So while trying to hold to my vow of sobriety (all my other vows ended years ago) I was writing about drinking, researching drinks and tweeting about happy hours.  Yes, those were fun times.

Now that I am back to true form, I am going trying some of the drinks featured on the blog, I would love to make a video of my friends and I during that process!  But since I am truly lazy, I generally just go to one of my fav bars and have them do it (see g/r/a/n/d shout out post).

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who read this faithfully and enjoy it.  THI went over 1,000 views earlier this month for which I am very happy considering its very slow start (I blame top management).

Also, Thank you all who just stumble across from time to time and a thank you to all who stop in to get the twitter feed.  Funny how the feed is as popular as the blog (will try not read too much into that).

Thank you also Russia, Germany, UK and India for your support.  Please feel free to comment on the posts, email us, or DM on twitter.  Looking forward to spending many more good times with you all!

The Historical Inebriant

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