Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manhattan, Manhattans, Moroccans, McSorley's

The debate continues about the exact dollar amount paid for which pieces of land and from whom and what rights/titles were given, but in on this day in 1626 Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan from the Indians.

All I know is that moments after the papers were signed, the first bar must have opened. Many, many bars have opened their doors since then and here is an interesting article on some of the oldest done by New York magazine. (Included in the article are: Bridge Café, Ear Inn, Chumley's, McSorley's Old Ale House, P.J. Hanley's) 

Although we've previously covered the Manhattan drink (see our 2/21 post), here is a very convenient twist.  

The Historical Inebriant:  High West Manhattan


  • Ice
  • Cocktail Glass
  • One Cherry
  • High West 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan

Combine ingredients, drink.

The High West Barreled Manhattan Story:

The 36th Vote™ commemorates Utah's role as the deciding vote to end Prohibition. In fact, the Utah delegation WANTED to cast the final vote. "No other state shall take away this glory from Utah" proclaimed the leader of the state delegation and president of the Utah League for Prohibition Repeal. On December 5th 1933 at 5:32 PM EST, satisfied that the thirty-fifth state (Pennsylvania) had ratified, Utah delegate S.R. Thurman cast the last ballot for Utah and the 18th amendment's fate was sealed. High West Distillery chose the Manhattan for this celebration because of its classic appeal and timelessness - it's also our favorite mixed drink! We used the pre-Prohibition recipe of two parts rye whiskey to one part sweet vermouth and two dashes of bitters. We then married the mixture in the rye whiskey's American white oak barrel for 90 days, allowing the flavors to integrate in a well-balanced harmony of the rye's spiciness, the vermouth's herbs, and the bitters' complexity. We hope you take time to celebrate Repeal Day and thank Utah for its role in ending the Noble Experiment.

Insert shameless plug for one of my favorite local establishments where I first tried this drink:

If you're ever in Stamford, CT, please stop in and see my friends at The Fez. There's always High West behind the bar, fantastic Moroccan fare on the tables and great live music on the stage.  Tell'em an Inebriant sent you.

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