Monday, May 21, 2012

Rapture Day, The Redemption Cocktail, and the stone Clock

On this day in 2011, I remember very well what I was doing.

We all saw the signs (no, not signs of the second coming - these signs) all over town and heard the news reports of people being very busy getting their affairs in order and saying goodbye to friends because of course - they were going to get the call.  I was also busy - checking out the weather reports to see if my Rapture party would get rained out!

I found a copy of the email that was sent out to my friends and thought I would attach it here:


Since the Rapture (marking the beginning of the end of days) will occur this Saturday, (and I know how busy our schedules are for the weekend), so I was thinking it might be nice to get everyone together on Friday so those who get left (and you all know who you are) can say a last goodbye to that one person we know will get the call. I know they would do the same for us at Armageddon (Oct 21st), but since they won’t be here...let's send them off with a drink! 

I propose a happy hour at (where else) Paradise Bar and Grill for the final sendoff. The weather should be awful but in Paradise you can be indoors or out!

Dress: End of Times appropriate, but nothing you wouldn’t mind leaving behind
Time:  The Beginning is the end is the Beginning, but if you want to be more specific
             5pm until the Clouds get really, really dark

Tips for Rapture Day (Saturday)

1. Avoid Air Travel - The person flying your plane at the start might
    not be in it when it lands. In fact, avoid all public transportation!

2. Avoid Surgery - That really great doctor you’re always talking about
    just might be “On Call” the moment he opens you up.

3. Get gas early - While the oil execs won’t be raptured, your local
    gas station owner might be, best to be safe on this one.

There was no drink of the day with that email, but if there were it would probably be...

The Historical Inebriant:  Redemption Old Fashioned
            (also a funny article if you want to take a look)

  • 2 oz Redemption Rye 
  • Sugar Cube 
  • Dash Angostura Bitters 
  • Orange Peel 

At the bottom of an Old Fashioned glass, splash bitters on a sugar cube. Muddle (smash lightly) until sugar dissolves. Pour rye (or bourbon, rum or cognac) over the sugar. Twist orange peel to get oils to spray into glass, and plop orange peel in. Nurse slowly with a glassy-eyed stare in your safe room as chaos consumes the streets.


As we now all know, the day came and went, and life went on pretty much the same.....

But...we're not out of the woods yet...

Much more to come on this...much more!


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